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    • Why you need an advanced email security solution:
    • 92.4% of malware (including ransomware) is delivered via emails.
    • Business Email Compromise (BEC)attacks results in $5B losses globally.
    • Email fraudsters are getting more sophisticated and use social engineering against their victims.
    • 230,000 new and complex malware variants are produced every day and is expected to keep growing.
    • 78% of people claim to know the risks that come with clicking unknown links in emails and yet still click these links.

Why use Receive GUARD?

  • Conversion of email text body into an image format which allow users to read the contents without the risk of clicking on malicious links
  • Protects against BEC through AI-enabled machine learning which compares and analyses all incoming email attributes (e.g. domain name, email header, origin of sender, etc.)
  • Detects advanced malware by executing any file attachments and URL links in virtual areas (VA) and determining their behavior
  • Hosted on Microsoft Azure platform and compatible with Microsoft® Exchange™ and Microsoft® Office 365™ email servers
  • User friendly interface which allows IT Administrator to easily examine all blocked emails and the reasons for blocking to determine the right course of action
  • Provides comprehensive reports on email threats such as origin, frequency and nature of the attacks to identify possible vulnerabilities in the network
  • million Scam emails blocked
  • Malware emails blocked
  • Users protected

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