Inspection of look-alike domains

  1. 1) Build data of normal domains common to all enterprises.
  2. 2) Build data of normal domains individually and separately.
  3. 3) Have accumulated big data to be compared, analyzed and filtered in real time.
  4. 4) Load the data using in-memory technology so that it can be processed in real time.
  5. 5) Provide history of domains needed to determine if any look-alike domain is scam or not.

  • · compare a domain of newly received mail to the existing data of domains and measure similarity.
  • · Warn the user when the similarities are detected.
  • · The similarities are divided into 4 levels: good, average, bad, and TLD. If the user turned out to be
    sent e-mail from the hacker using a look-alike domain, Receive GUARD puts on emergency alert and
    has administrators and users respond to attacks.