Who we are

Connectivity Global Pte. Ltd. (CG) is a Singapore based company that is formed between KIWONTECH,
a South Korean cybersecurity company, and a team of local professionals with deep expertise on IT infrastructure and solutions. CG develops and sells its own email security solutions using innovative artificial intelligence(AI) technology.

The company has been proving itself to be a leader in the cyber security field with their hero product, Receive GUARD, which has proven to be superior over current solutions available in the market.
Receive GUARD is available on cloud and on-premises to protect organisations from Business Email Compromise (BEC) attacks. This solution is suitable for all types of organisations, including government agencies, multi-national companies and small medium enterprises.


CG will provide a high level of technology with creativity and
open-mindedness by customizing all e-mail related services
corresponding to customers; The company further endeavors
to construct a cyber world safe.


To promote the growth of enterprise and secure information by
providing cutting-edge email security services.

USER Testimonials

We have used many other email security solutions prior to Receive GUARD but none were able to provide detailed sender information such as specific IP addresses. Furthermore, Receive GUARD is able to detect brand-now viruses in email attachment and URLs. With Receive GUARD, Hyundai Oilbank’s email accounts are completely secured.

- Kim, Byung-Kwan, Deputy General Manager of the management Information Team, Hyundai Olinbank Co.Ltd.

After using Receive GUARD, we could easily look at the classification of senders and discern between the emails that were legitimate and those that were not. In particular, our institute is most impressed by the feature of converting dangerous URLs and attachments in to image files.

- Lee, Do-Sub, Ph.D of the Information & Computing Team. National Fusion Research Institute.

Prior to using Receive GUARD, we tried many email security solutions against phishing and virus attacks but to no avail. Since using Receive GUARD, employees of our company have been very satisfied with the product and are pleased to be able to use their email accounts without fear of phishing and virus attacks.

- Jung, Do Gyu, Assistant Manager of System Development Team, Hyundai Heavy Industries Co.Ltd.